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Oct 30, 2006
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Tips and Tricks / Calling multi-monitor users.

I could do multi session tests on internal network using x, and over the internet using VNC, or even SSH and x if you realy want to test it;-) I won’t be quick, I dont have much time to play, too buizzy trying to snipe up some dosh, I suppose.

Question – Are you realy having to look into problems running JBidWatcher on multi-head computers? This seems like a problem way below the Java app level!! You got a threading/timing nasty somewhere, multi-heading only aggravates things? Some of these apparent lockups recover with a bit of provocation I find!!! JBidWatcher is nice, very responsive, even a bit over entheuastic sometimes (thumbnails like to pop real fast don’t they?). Sorry my Java is not upto any details, but I understand the problems when I see em!
Brad. running RedHat 9 on 500MHz and various clients also RedHat and WDoze on lower spec M/cs.