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Apr 4, 2016
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Development / 10.8+ Is there a real reason?

I ask because 10.8 was the first release that required a true 64-bit EFI which many machines don’t have (my MacPro MacPro1,1 for example). Even though there are machines made in the same time frame that will support 10.8, mine won’t and never will.

I think using an older machine for things like eBay is a perfect use since they’re stuck with 10.7.5 and cannot be upgraded.

Is there something that happened in the latest release that absolutely requires 10.8? It seems many projects just up the requirements without any particular reason to do so, and it leaves lots of perfectly lovely utitlty-grade machines stranded.

Is there something that requires 10.8, or could it possibly still support 10.7.5?



P.S. I’m a Mac and IOS developer, so I could help sort out the technical details though I’m not a Java programmer by any means.