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May 3, 2009
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Sniping Close Timed Bids

Some of the items I bid on frequently, all end at the same time. There may be 10 items say, all ending within a spread of 50 or 60 seconds. As I live in a rural setting, I have satellite internet service, which has horrible latency and connection initiation issues. I tried to use JBw to bid on a series of items and saw that it began to prepare the bids 2 minutes before the end time. It prepared all 8 bids before initiating the snipes. Getting these cookies took about 15-20 seconds each, I think (watching, it seemed like an eternity), and then the snipes fired quickly. Naturally the first five snipes failed. Is there some way to get JBw to prepare the cookies earlier…say 5 minutes before, and/or is there some reason this would not work.