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Feb 21, 2013
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Corrupt Jbidwatcher.dmg (OS x)

New (de novo) installation of JBidwatcher-2.5.3pre3.dmg upon first attempt to OPEN > ERROR MESSAGE: “” is damage and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.
A week ++ and 2-3 dozen efforts to re-install yield this error message in 100% of attempts to Open. OS X 10.8.2. BACK TO THE BEGINNING: Started about 3 weeks ago with widely reported snipe errors, “FP” in the price column, failure to update times, etc., etc. Incrementally tried to re-install and preserve records, etc. Finally ‘deep scrubbed’ to remove all vestiges including (. files) – – – same error. Upgraded with just released Oracle JRE 7 update – – – – same error. DEEP scrubbed and re-installed – – – same. Re-Installed OS 10.2…………….same. Ja…… a LOTTA work. Does not behave as if related to Sandbox / authorization issues , but – - Suspect ongoing ‘collision’ between Apple and Oracle over Java security, but – - Not even close to regaining function since unable to open once. Some issue with the .dmg package? Still, even if this is solved, the Java issues remain. UNCLE. Tens of hours and absolutely zero. Morgan, in a recent post, you alluded to considerations of ‘merging’ with Gixen You EARNED my allegiance for many years, but JBW may have hit the wall for the Mac with Java Security issues through no fault of yours or Apple. This Java conundrum is only going to worsen…. Await your response. Thanks.

Jul 24, 2009
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Comment Topic: Announcements / My current tasks, ordered by priority

In addition to corruption of ‘Get My eBay Items’, the ‘Seller’ is now listed as ‘unknown’ for all citations. For unknown reasons, JBW started circa one month ago to download only about 25% of the items listed on my eBay personal page as ‘Watching’. Finally, if I run ‘Get My eBay Items’, Menu Meters on my MBP / OS 10.5.7 indicates ‘runaway’ CPU activity. Must close and restart JBW in order to free CPU. Have reloaded current version JBW, but no change. Suggestions?

Jan 15, 2008
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / Archive Completed with .jpg

JB offers an elegant start to permanent archival of purchases with image identification. At least on the OS X platform I am unable to create an integrated database with the auction data inclusive of the image. .csv files can be imported into MS Excel or iWorks Numbers. Is there a simple path to including the image with the database? Thanks.