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Jan 11, 2008
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Comment Topic: JBidwatcher Help / bidding and sniping don't work

Hi FolkZ

Since some days sniping doesn’t work. I’m using JBidwatcher 1.0.2 and tried 1.0.3.pre2 and had the same problem – even bidding doesn’t work.

I’m logged in and it’s no problem to add auctions.

I’m running Java 1.5.
In the JBW-Errorlog I found the following:


Thu Jan 10 20:50:48 CET 2008: Bad/nonexistent key read in bid, or connection failure!
Thu Jan 10 20:50:48 CET 2008: Thu Jan 10 20:50:48 CET 2008: 320203350923 (Sony NEC AD-7170A – eBay ) – Bidding €13.00 apparently failed for an unknown reason. Check the auction in the browser, to see if the bid went through anyway. (1)


The auction was still running and my bid was high enough.

So anybody an idea what’s happend ???