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Sep 19, 2012
Avatar momist 12 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

+1 for belin. Many thanks for showing us the work-around.

I only use ebay intermittently, and therefore only use JBW occasionally. I was horrified this morning to find that all my auctions were FP that could not be sniped, and I couldn’t find the way out of it until I visited the forum. I too will donate when the issue has been fixed, to keep up the good work.

Sep 17, 2012
Avatar Hoddy 108 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Hi Paddy, It’s no longer worth moving server as it’s now ‘blanket’ (FP’s) which ever server you use. Thanks to other users the problem is really now only cosmetic as you can still set a snipe by either using the ‘hammer’ icon (thanks Francois) or by making a change in the config so that the ‘Double Click’ setting is ‘Initiates a snipe on the givern auction’ (thanks Belin). Once set the snipe takes place regardless of the item showing (FP). So it looks like we are ’back in busness)! :-)


Sep 16, 2012
Avatar Yumgui 13 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

“I think ebay has stopped giving out ‘good’ cookies.”

Sep 16, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

I think ebay has stopped giving out ‘good’ cookies.
If so, the whole roulette/lottery idea no longer applies.
It really seems that the roll-out of ebay’s new code is compete. Bah !

The methods that ignore the FPs still end up with a working snipe – thanks again for those.

Sep 16, 2012
Avatar MeMeMe 1 post

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

I’ve had intermittent -> constant problems with this on
some of the previously offered solutions I discovered but they no longer seem to work

but have discovered I can at least get around it via the menu Auction>Snipe which still works despite all items showing FP with right click Snipe greyed out

Sep 15, 2012
Avatar Yumgui 13 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

OK, bumped back up to 2.5.2 again … same old, same old …

The cookie lottery is ongoing, independent of JBW version, and FPs are still there after over 3 passes, so I’ve quit “crashing around” … as paddym says. Hoddy, Francois and now belin techniques work fine to bid while in FP mode … have won a recent few this way, just needed to keep an eye on ’em !

Hoping Morgan’s fix will come out soon, have to consider a donation for all the good reasons already given above ^^, great program !


Sep 15, 2012
Avatar Vaughan 22 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Well, it eventually logged in. Madness – took 30 minutes.

Snipe went off, but I was outbid – which is fair enough.

I guess I’ll never understand some people. The guy who won paid the same price you’d pay for the product brand new…… Ebay can be mad sometimes.

Sep 15, 2012
Avatar Vaughan 22 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Wouldn’t you know, I’m having a nightmare here with an auction due to end in 30 minutes. JBW says it can’t log in. Doesn’t seem to be a problem anywhere.

Wouldn’t you fecking know it?!?

Sep 15, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

belin – Nice. An efficient way to bypass the FPs and initiate the snipe. I expect that will get the job done.

Hoddy – is moving to still a viable option ?

Unless someone knows otherwise, we are probably stuck now with the display of FPs until JBW is modified.
One very slim chance is that ebay will make another change and we will benefit by accident.

Sep 15, 2012
Avatar Craigi 1 post

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Thanks to all who have tried hard to find a fix for this irritating issue with JBW and ebay.
It appears that belin might have found the workaround. I have just followed his lead and all snipes I wanted to place are showing now, and fired correctly. The only 1 auction that is not showing as it should, is an auction that has had a -5% discount off the buy it now price; it is showing as $1.00 instead of $303, but that is the only issue.
P.S. if nothing else, the past couple of weeks of JBW trouble has made me realize how much I rely on JBW and has also reminded me and others that a $10 donation to help Morgan to keep on top of things is a small price for how often I depend on this little piece of software…

Sep 15, 2012
Avatar belin 1 post

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

May or may not help but I also have the FP issue but am able to place snipe entries. I access the configuration window, use the general tab and go down to the double click setting. I change the setting to “initiate a snipe on the given auction” and save. Then when I highlight the auction and double click, the snipe menu appears and I am able to enter a snipe amount.

Sep 15, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

I don’’t think it matters any more.
I suspect the roll-out of the new code is almost complete.
Hopefully Francois’ method will still work for most auctions.

Sep 14, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Jock – the FPs will return from time to time when your sign in cookie expires or is refreshed – a sort of roulette.
Getting rid of them permanently is unrealistic at the moment but they have not stopped any of my snipes (yet).

Wakou – Took 5 cycles to get rid of the FPs using (14:00 hrs Sept 13th JBW 2.5.2 .jar version)
Sorry but I have no clue why yours are stuck at the moment.
I wonder if the cookie allocation is time sensitive in some way.
I currently take a few extra seconds each time after the ‘done’ message.
So far I have always cleared the FPs in less than 2 minutes (whilst thinking about something else..).

Have now won 5 auctions in total this way. I don’t bother checking for FPs any more after the snipe is set.
Nobody is that lucky so it is a good bet that the FPs do not stop the snipe after you have set it up.

I tried the Windows installer wondering if the windows implementation was different in this repsect.
That cleared the FPs on the first attempt ! (Lucky but proves that it is not so different in Windows.)

To be clear…
I do not need to restart JBW, get my ebay items or clear cache to get rid of the FPs.
Firstly, I make sure no other updating is in progress.
“Refreshing the ebay session and updating one auction” – a few times seems to be enough to get the ball rolling.
‘Servers – Update auctions’ is only useful to me AFTER a single test auction FP has cleared.
My JBW ran for 3 days without a restart. During that time I set, sniped and won 3 auctions.

Based on the aboove I may know one reason why some people have had mixed results by any or all workarounds ….
(Apologies if this is old information to you. Alternatively, sharpen your axes and prove me wrong …)

  • You may know, when you click ‘Server – Update auctions’ JBW sets up a queue of updates. *

As proof – if you click on ‘Server-update auctions’ twice a few seconds apart – the queue becomes twice as long and ‘updates’ twice.
JBW has internal logic that allows it to set a queue running based on age of data, etc.
The latter can happen at startup – you might spot it but you might not be looking for it.
Once a queue has been started it is not clear until ‘done updating’ appears at the bottom of the JBW window.
(For example – My JBW queue takes about 2 minutes for 100+ items. – YMMV)
You can make ‘update’ requests while a queue exists but they will join the END of the queue.
So, you may not see new ‘update’ information until later.
You may think you are stuck with FPs, or not, but the real result is still in the queue.
Some users get around this by crashing in and out of JBW, clearing caches, etc.
I am now convinced that crashing about is not neccesary.

If you check for ‘done updating’ and use ONE auction as a test (right click on it – update auction) there is no queue.
Your ‘refresh ebay session’ just refreshes the session – no side effects.
You can test the new cookies right away and you know that result is current – not queued or ignored.
Your JBW can be left running in a steady state – the way it was designed to be used.

If you enjoy restarting programmes, clearing stuff, etc. that is OK too but it masks what is actually happening.

Sep 14, 2012
Avatar Jock 1 post

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

I’ve tried every solution suggested here with my copy of 2.5.2-0-g8e3723d on my iMac – everything seems to be OK for a while, but then reverts back to FP again.

I’ve just done a Dump Cache and for the moment, it seems to be OK – let’s see how long that lasts for!

I’m reassured that one the snipe if set, it does seem to fire at least. (I’m using by the way.)

Sep 12, 2012
Avatar Yumgui 13 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Yep Vaughan,

Can confirm snipes are fired once set … after that it seems all about getting a refreshed view of auctions …

Went a bit further just now and uninstalled all previous Java versions, which can apparently cause interferences, and Windows updates of course … back to “only” 1 to 3 passes to get rid of the FPs …

Plan to go one step further and test bumping back up to JBW 2.5.2 …
Will keep posting here,


PS: Still no drag and drop though …

Sep 12, 2012
Avatar Vaughan 22 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Thanks for that – so you confirm that the problem seems to be only in setting the Snipe. Is the snipe is set, even if it goes to FP, it still fires.

That’s good news, imo.

Sep 12, 2012
Avatar Yumgui 13 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Having read the posts here for the last week or so … and thanking everybody for their effort to get to the bottom of this scourge, as well as the great tips … here is my two cents :

First, was on JBW 2.5.2 when this issue hit me, have since rolled back to JBW 2.5 … thinking it would solve something. But no …
Then, was signed into, and switched to … USA, and that’s where I am now …

Second, besides some of the other workarounds, this one worked for me for a few days :
Hoddy – Sep 7, 2012
3) Dump the cache (File:Dump Cache)
4) Restart JBidWatcher and get your Ebay items (Ebay:Get My Ebay Items)
5) Update your auctions (Server:Update Auctions)

… only took 1 to 3 passes to get rid of the FPs …
Since yesterday, as has been mentioned above … even 20 passes didn’t make a dent … all foreign (notably FR) auctions set to FP !

So, in addition to repairing my inet connection, dumping browser (Firefox 15.0.1) + JBW cache … I unlogged from and relogged into … and poof; all FPs gone again ! As also said above, once the snipe set, it works, whether FPs appear or not …

Have no idea whether logging back in is related, or if it’s just one giant coincidence, just reporting it ^^. So far so good …

Using JBidwatcher (2.5-0-g8f10beb), Win XP and Java version 7 Update 7.
As requested by Morgan : item # 160872488378 (hope this info won’t increase my competition on that bid, lol …)

Let’s see what happens …

PS: since the FP issue surfaced, the drag and drop function for auctions (FP or not) has also ceased to work .. have to manually “Add Auction” …

Sep 12, 2012
Avatar Vaughan 22 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

What is interesting to me now is that Paddy is suggesting that the FP doesn’t prevent JBW from sniping. I’d test it, but I don’t have any auctions right now.

Sep 12, 2012
Avatar wakou 10 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Mine are stuck on FP now, 20 logout/logins/referesh cycles, numerous shutdown/restarts, changed to etc etc….

Sep 12, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Gatto – As mentioned above the FPs can return for a number of reasons.
If a snipe has been prepared the return of the FPs does not seem to prevent that snipe.

I clear the FPs, prepare a snipe and leave it to run as usual.
I do not watch for FPs after a snipe has been prepared.
I only clear the FPs when I need to prepare another snipe.
I have now won 4 auctions by this method.

Ebay knows when I have won – JBW only knows sometimes.
That problem is not new to me with JBW.
It means that muti-sniping may not work properly for me with or without FPs.

My worst case so far is 5 cycles to get rid of the FPs when I needed to.
Someone else required 10 cycles but that got rid of the FPs.

Francois’ (oxy81) method and Hoddy’s method are also worth trying.

John – I have toyed with that idea. The JBW code is available to the public.
(We MUST all respect the spirit in which it has been made available.)
I even speak Java amongst other languages but I would be a blunt instrument in this case.
Morgan is the surgically precise tool to diagnose the FPs problem.

I am not too lazy to contribute but I am probably the wrong man for the job.
It may be horribly inefficient for me to poke about looking for the definitive cause.
I hope things are never so desperate that I become the right man for the job

Sep 11, 2012
Avatar gatto_mannaro 7 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

The login and change worked for me the first time, but after I think 10 hours all auctions returned as FP

Sep 10, 2012
Avatar john 7 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

“1) Ask for ‘Refresh ebay session’ and wait for the word ‘done’ to appear in the status bar.
2) Right-click on the test case an ask for an update on just that auction”

Thanks Paddym, this works for me.

Just wondering if there is a way to view the original text that is downloaded for each auction, from the ebay server, before it is parsed by JBid.
Then you could maybe diagnose problem for Morgan.

Sep 8, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

First auction – Sniped too low but no FPs appeared.
Second auction – Sniped and won – FP appeared on the snipe in the last few minutes but that didn’t stop it.

The cookie roulette method isn’t not pretty but seemed to work well enough to win an auction.

I refreshed the sign-in cookie and checked that updating would not make new FPs. Necessary ? Not sure.
Maybe the FPs only matter when you are setting a new snipe ?

I am guessing that FPs could appear at the last moment on as well but the snipe still fires OK.

Based on that last snipe I think Francois’ much simpler method may work just fine.
Has anyone tried Francois’ method to get past existing FPs and then won the auction ?

Sep 8, 2012
Avatar paddym 29 post(s)

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Francois. I really hope that works. Some of us might feel silly but we will be happy.

Sep 8, 2012
Avatar oxi81 1 post

Topic: (Almost) all auctions showing FP

Maybe I found a solution (but still don’t know if it really works).
On FP auctions, a right-click shows a greyish snipe function. OK, it’s not possible to snipe.

But now, click on the wood hammer icon, and sniping will be possible and registered in “max” column.


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