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Avatar silver84 26 post(s)

Hi Morgan,

This morning I replace 2.1.4 by the newest and got these problems :

= My two last buy (from yesterday) come back from “Complete” to “Current” (I stay always the “High Bidder”).
(Sometime I had some problem like this one when restarting Jbidwatcher, some old bid, unused by me, come back from “Complete” to Current").

= My amount snipe has gone (nothing more in “Max” column)

Many thanks for your job

Ps :

What is different in from 2.1.4 ?
Since many years I have to do an important feature request, I go to do-it in appropriate forum ;)

Avatar silver84 26 post(s)

Other bug :

When I loose my “snipe” , the value of my snipe disappear from the “Max” column.
(And in consequence nothing shows neither the price nor that I made a snipe on this bid !)

Avatar silver84 26 post(s)

February 6, other bug :

Dont work if we are obliged to pay (Paypal) immediately after buying.
(obliged to buy without using JBidwatcher)

And always many thanks to Morgan for this fantastic tool.

Have a nice week.

Avatar Archibald 2 post(s)

Found another one, most probably not just this version but previous as well.
It looks like it just cost me £50 so until it’s resolved I can’t use the software. I can’t open the case with a seller on ebay.co.uk and I can’t phone US helpline to resolve it there.

Here’s full story:

I’ve been using Jbidwatcher for a long time, but anytime I have to open a case through ebay, I get a message that the item was purchased through ebay.com, not ebay.co.uk and I have to log to my account (same login, same password) on the www.ebay.com and open a case. Once I was unable to solve the problem and a cost to call US helpline was more than value of the item.

I know, you will say that I have to change ebay website in Jbidwatcher, but I have checked it many times and it’s ebay.co.uk
I am getting fed up with all this problem, especially that I have to do all this again.
Please help me to resolve this problem

Avatar SurfaceCleanerZ 13 post(s)

@archibald: This is by design, it has been since I use jbid…

Another bug:
Some auchtions have the price null:

regards and thank you for the great tool and support.