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My second child, Richard Avalon Schweers, was born October 6th, 2010, around 6pm.

He decided he wanted his entrance to be accompanied by dramatic music rather than the typical upbeat music, so there was a lot of frantic activity, tears, fears, and a day in the NICU on a respirator and fluid IV.

Thankfully he rebounded quickly, and my wife and he have been released from the hospital and we’re all at home, resting comfortably, and recovering very well.

He’s a beautiful little boy, doing great, especially for the circumstances, and his older brother (two and a half) is being wonderful towards him.

Still, we’re pretty emotionally overwhelmed AND getting the usual zero sleep that accompanies a newborn. I’m taking a month or so hiatus from ongoing JBidwatcher development, while I support my wife and kids, and help them get used to our changed family. If an eBay emergency/massive change arises, I’ll probably steal some time and try and deal with it, but I’m hoping no such emergencies will strike.

I may be responding to, or at least reading, email still when things are quiet here, but expect no new JBidwatcher features for a while. It’s why I tried to get 2.1.2 out when I did; I expected some downtime post-baby, and this is that.

Thanks very much for your understanding, and I wish you all the very best of luck with your auctions and everything else!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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Congratulations, and delighted to hear that all is well.

Please do take the time off – spending time with your family now is MUCH more important than our eBay auctions!!


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Congrats! I am sure he will be as intelligent as his father!


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Further congratulations on all your wife’s/partner’s hard work! ;-) As advised, do take time to savour the new experience and cope with the changes. At least you’ve done it once before so there are no big unknowns, but two young ones are different to just the one. All the best.


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so happy for you…raising grandparents is a wonderful thing.

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I’m so happy to read that the brother is being sweet about it.

All the best,

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Congratulations to both of You, and the very best of luck.

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Congratulations, Morgan, and all the best to the family!

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Congratulations to all of you and welcome to this world, Richard! My first son was born just some 42 hours earlier so I really hope you’re enjoying the time with your family and I’m fine with waiting some more weeks before sniping a lot of new-baby-stuff :-)

All the best to you and your family!!!

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Well, I timed this visit well :lol: Congratulations to yourself and your wife !!! Glad all is good. !!! And thank you for this wonderful program !!

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Congratulations to you, Morgan, your wife and (both) your wonderful son(s) – and I hope you are blessed with as brief a transition to the anticipated “sleeping through the night” stage of his development!

And thanks for the update, too!

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Congratulations Morgan, this is a great update :)
I can understand what you went through, our third child was born 15 months ago, the delivery was very very painful and we thought we were about to lose her (no breath, no cry, no moves, … only here heart was beating slowly), but, I don’t know how many time after (because seconds were like minutes), we finally heard her.
She had a broken clavicle, haematomas on here face and we were afraid of some damages/sequelas on her brain. Happily, all is fine now, she’s doing well, she’s smart and all the bad moments are behind us.
I wish all the best to your family.


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congrats, Morgan! Richard Avalon – what a great name! he sounds like royalty already.


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Congratulations from Paris ;-)

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Congratulations from Italy !!!!! Children are the grace of God!!!