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JBidwatcher 2.1pre5 on Win2k/Java6-15 showed my max bid at $1 which was overwritten by a $9 snipe showing clearly. Auction ended without sniping and showed the old max $1 instead of the $9 snipe. Info panel suggested “show last error” which when tried crashed the program and is now grayed out.
The auction ended:
Listing ended at Tue Feb 09 12:18:34 GMT-08:00 2010
Tue Feb 09 12:53:53 GMT-08:00 2010: Cancelling snipe.
Tue Feb 09 12:53:53 GMT-08:00 2010: Cancelling snipe, auction is reported as ended.
Tue Feb 09 12:53:53 GMT-08:00 2010: Preparing snipe.
Tue Feb 09 12:53:58 GMT-08:00 2010: Loading bid request…
Tue Feb 09 12:53:59 GMT-08:00 2010: Failed to bid. ‘Show Last Error’ from context menu to see the failure page from the bid attempt.

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What was the auction number?

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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I am reposting this in this updated (JBidwatcher 2.1pre5) version. I first posted it in the previous version which is no longer getting attention:

Another thing I would like to see is a separate tab for those items which have completed their auction cycle without having been sold. In other words, we would have two separate categories for completed auctions. The ones which have been sold would no longer require any attention. Since they are no longer available, they would only provide an indication of what similar items like them might sell for. However if you were tracking either auctions or “Buy it Now” items, you could still keep your attention on those items without being distracted by other items which have already sold. For me anyway, that would be nice. Since I often track items which don’t ultimately sell.

The tabs would look like this:
Current | Still Available | Sold Items | Selling

Come to think of it, “Selling” could be divided in the same way. As those who sell need to quickly identify which items have sold from those which have not at the end of their auction cycle.
That would give us something like:
Current | Still Available | Others Sold | My Auctions | Mine Available | Mine Sold

Thank you,
Xavian-Anderson Macpherson

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I have JBidwatcher 2.1pre5 installed but never had any shortcut or start menu items placed on my computer. When I installed it, I also found out I had a previous version also installed in the Program_Files/Java folder. That version had no shortcuts on my desktop either.

What should I do to either uninstall/reinstall jbidwatcher or setup a shortcut. I do not see any uninstall file available for jbidwatcher so I also dont know the right way to uninstall.

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I have the same problem. I’m running Windows XP. I cannot find the program listed anywhere, even while it is running. Never saw that before. If I go to “start” then “all programs” the program is not listed! I also tried a search while it was running, also with no luck. I must start each time from the downloaded exe file. It does find the list of items to watch/snipe, and I hope to find out later today if it works.

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The 2.1pre5 that is current does not have a Windows installer version. So far, only a direct download version is available. Therefore, at the moment you need to just run the one file that is downloaded for the new one. If you uninstalled the old one, you won’t have any shortcuts on your desktop or in your start menu. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, this is intentional behavior.

If you want to remove the old version (not a bad idea) then remove it from Windows Add-Remove Programs. If it isn’t there, don’t worry about it, just delete it from Program Files and delete your desktop / start menu shortcuts.

A probably better solution that solves all of your problems would be to just replace the exe file of the old one with the downloaded exe file of the new one. If you already uninstalled the old one, then download the windows installer version of the old one, install it, go into Program Files and find the program file (.exe) that you just installed. Delete it, and then put the download-only 2.1pre5 in its place. All your shortcuts should then work properly.