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I just recently downloaded and ran the new pre-release version. I went thru the configuration and donated $10, tested it on a click and drag from the firefox browser. Then I closed the program. Now I find that it did not put a short cut on the desktop and I can’t find it in the Program Files folder. I do have the .jbidwatcher folder under the documents and settings folder.
I can’t imagine what happened to the program; it’s just gone. I tried to reinstall but then it told me another instance had started the database.
I hope you can help me!!

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Did you download the version with the installer, or the standalone version?

If it’s warning about another instance, then you didn’t shut the program down completely. You probably just minimized it. Look in the system tray for the JBidwatcher icon, and click that to restore it. If that doesn’t work, use the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to find the ‘javaw’ process and End it.

Still, you should install the ‘installer’ version, which will add a desktop icon and startup menu shortcut.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

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Hi Morgan,
Thanks for the quick reply. I think I did download the standalone version. I’ll try that and let you know. I checked and there’s no javaw process running now.

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Just downloaded the 2.01 version with installer and everything seems to be working fine. If I decide to upgrade to the pre version, do I just rerun the standalone exe for that version that I downloaded first?
Thanks again,

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Hi , I just installed the new version on my windows 7 machine and operating in a 64 bit environment has presented issues. I can’t minimize the watcher with out losing it. It doesn’t drop to my task bar and I have to go into the javaw process file to stop it which is not good.

Avatar Leeg 2 post(s)

In addition to that Morgan, It doesn’t show up in any of my program files. 32 bit or 64