New test version 1.0.2pre3

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Avatar Laurence Pas... 59 post(s)

Looks like eBay have changed their heading format again:

- (item end time )

Note the lack of any mention of ebay and the hyphenation. By not mentioning eBay explicitly JBW doesn’t believe the title is valid (error, not signed in etc). If you change the title validation match then the hyphen gets appended to all the titles since JBW ends the title string immediately before " (item". Anyway, for those with a CVS checkout, you just need to change to use the following lines specified here:

(The forum formatting rules didn’t like the regular expression strings one bit which is why I’ve posted it at sourceforge.)

Avatar zebee 1 post

OSX 10.3, no go at all. search or “my ebay items” says “nothing new”, adding an auction by name gives “either invalid or communication error talking to server”.

I can telnet to port 80, and to port 80. Cut and paste the item number into ebay, it finds it, so the number’s correct,
Avatar Frank P. fro... 71 post(s)

… are you a laywer willing to start such a case?

Avatar Franko 9 post(s)

Good Morning,

Loaded 1.0.2pre3 yesterday and all appeared to be well until I rebooted this A.M.
Getting red eyes across the board again and will not add new items. Have not attempted
to submit bid or try the snipe feature. Prior to trying 2pre3 I had loaded and played with the fix Hans submitted and everything seems to work. Was able to add bids, update, bid directly using program and was successful using snipe feature.


Avatar xanaxl 3 post(s)

Hi to all,

what sad days without Jbidwatcher… Relating to the other replies in this thread, I do have 2 Questions:
1. What is meant by CVS? (sorry for this quest beeing stupid and misplaced)
2. When refering to “update” a JBW version, it means just to start the newer one, correct?

I could successfully snipe on an item yesetrday evening with 1.01. The use of pre2 and pre3 didn´t bring any advantage. No updating, no myebay, no adding which way ever I tried. System WXPSP" Java 1.42

Morgan: I do appreciate your program so much. Soon I hope to be off financial trouble and than will be donating for your outstanding work. Stay tuned…

Avatar rmayergfx 2 post(s)

i was loading yesterday the JBidWatcher- this version works for me still fine ! I am located in germany. It runs for me on xp SP2 with java jre 1.5.0_11. i sniped yesterday one item with success. the new versions since this time always shows me the red eye, only JBidWatcher- is working for me !

Avatar stabo 4 post(s)

Hello. On WinXp in France, the .exe does not work. But the .jar 1.01.1 (the “hack one”) is still ok.

Avatar Graham 3 post(s)

Hi xanaxi! I hope I can help you with “what is meant by CVS?”

Its stands for Concurrent Version System and is the place where some developers place the latest development packages of their software. You can get more info at:

Software deposited in the repositories at CVS are VERY bleeding edge, and may be buggy, so its best not to rely on them for stability, but until you try and feedback problems you find, the software in the repositories won’t get enhanced….

You don’t mention which OS you’re running but here on Kubuntu Feisty, there’s a neat application called Cervisia which access the repositories in CVS directly. You might have such an application on your OS. HTH Graham

Avatar Heiner 2 post(s)

@Frank P. fro…

No, I am from a family of a lot of attorneys/lawywers. I am a business administrator and mathematican in Germany. My second point is, that every online-shop dealing with eBay has to use the interface(s) provided by eBay. Consequently eBay has to communicate changes in advance, if they do not want to face the accusation of abuse of market power, because they damage the owners of the shops.

My first point is, that eBay lost the case(s) against sniper software producer PTS in Berlin. eBay is not allowed to abuse the market position to void consumers investments and spoil the chances for the distribution of updates to be used for the eBay platform.

Right? Or, wrong?

Best regards,


Avatar Graham 3 post(s)

I am runing Linux (Kubuntu Feisty) and java 1.6.0_01. The jar file JBidWatcher-1.0.2pre3.jar doesn’t work here. It refuses to let me input details of an item I wanted to snipe.

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