2.99 pre5 Watchlist doesn't update when new items added.

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Avatar risingfish 1 post

I just set up the latest jBidWatcher, logged into ebay, it pulled my initial watch list fine. I’ve since added a few items and unfortunately jBidWatcher isn’t updated the list to show my new watched items.

Avatar Ian 4 post(s)

I’m brand new to JBidwatcher running 2.99pre5. Mac OS X 10.11.3. I really like the tool and look forward to release 3 working.

I was able to reproduce some issue similar to this post. Updated using “Get My Ebay Items” this worked fine.
I deleted a couple of items in current that were not auctions.
I went back to ebay added another watch list.
Did another “Get My Ebay Items” in JBidwatcher and the new item was added however an existing item was dropped. I found it in My eBay and moved it back to “current”.

I have not actually been able to get a Snipe to work yet. I keep getting an "unkown snipe error. I submitted the log but now have turned on debug.

Curious if anyone has had a successful snipe with 2.99pre5?

Avatar Ian 4 post(s)

The watchlists seem buggy. I have been doing several experiments but have yet to be able to reproduce the behaviour I see. So far the watchlist update seems to always update something but it is not predictable yet.

In my case updating “my ebay items” sometimes refreshes current.
Sometimes it refreshes “My eBay” tab..
Sometimes it refreshes “current” initially then after restart or review some items seem to move over to “My eBay”.

My workaround with 2.99pre5 is to just check the current and My eBay tabs and if necessary move to current.

Sniping is working for me now with the default 30 second time. My issue with sniping was I had reduced snipe time “how close to snipe” to 10 then 20 seconds which generated and “unkown snipe error”.