My JBidwatcher no go with JBidwatcher 2.1pre4

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Avatar JedMeister 3 post(s)


I understand that My JBidwatcher is alpha but thought I’d provide some feedback.

I’m not sure whether its something I’ve done wrong or what, but JBidwatcher 2.1pre4 does not seem to want to play nice with MyJbidwatcher.

1) When you go to Config Manager > My JBidwatcher > select ‘enable My JBidwatcher’ the text etc of the top section become ungrayed but no tick or cross etc in the box, clicking again seems to do nothing (ie doesn’t seem to disable it).
2) Initially I entered my email and key (as emailed to me during signup process) and pressed ‘Upload All’, nothing seemed to happen. I thought perhaps I should restart the program, now the only button I have is ‘Test Access’ (‘Upload All’ grayed out).
3) All the settings in the bottom half remain grayed out no matter what.

Hope I’m not jumping the gun here….

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Some folks have it working, but it’s definitely not a seamless integration at this point. :(

Upload All is working on the client side, but less so on the server side. I have all the data, and I can import it at any point, but I’ve been having formatting issues (and time issues in fixing those formatting issues). If ‘Test Access’ works, then as items are updated in JBidwatcher, they’ll be synced to My JBidwatcher. I’d LOVE to hear feedback about My JBidwatcher. Most of what I’ve heard is that it’s not very useful yet, and while I agree, I’d love to know what folks WOULD like it to do.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar Christine 2 post(s)

Hi, the problem JedMeister described is exactly what I am experiencing (with pre5). I wondered, after reading this topic, if the reason ‘Upload All’ is greyed out is because all the data has been uploaded (which is what I think you mean by having all the data?). So by that logic, I tried adding more items to see if ‘Upload All’ became active again, but no luck.

I’d really love to be able to use My JBidwatcher. Before discovering JBidwatcher, I was using a similar program. I hadn’t felt inclined to switch over until you introduced the online component. I’ve been dying for something like this for ages.

I watch a LOT of items – lots of 3 month Buy It Now items that I like to keep track of to consider buying in future. I collect records, vintage clothes and vintage beads and jewellery-making components – these can quickly take up the 200 limit on Ebay’s watchlist. Of course JBidwatcher is great for extending my watchlist – but I really need something I can access and edit from any computer I’m on.

I don’t know how to advise what I’d like My JBidwatcher to do, because I don’t yet know what it does. But I thought I’d let you know why I would find it so useful. Can you already add and delete auctions you are watching on My JBidwatcher, and it syncs with any computers you have running JBidwatcher? Cause that’s what I’d love it do, if it doesn’t already ;).

If there’s any way I can use it right now, please let me know :)

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

@Christine – This is stuff I’m REALLY psyched about getting out there, but I have ZERO time currently. :(

It’s good in that I’m employed again, but my days are basically wake up, go to work, come home to family time, and then after everybody else goes to sleep I get an hour or so at about 1-2am to work on JBidwatcher, My JBidwatcher, a revamp of the site, and any other projects I’m looking at. I get Saturdays to myself, and I can work on my projects on Saturday, but Sunday is the day I give my wife to do whatever projects SHE wants to do, and our kidlet is under my tender mercies the whole day. :)

I’m not complaining, it’s actually a pretty awesome life, and I’m there for my son on weekdays from around 6-7pm (when I get home) to 10pm when he goes to sleep.

Still, it means My JBidwatcher gets a bit of short shrift, especially when I have outstanding multisnipe issues that I’ve got to get fixes out for.

Upload All was grayed out due to a bug as I recall; I’m not sure if I’ve fixed it in the latest builds. It looks like I haven’t. Anyhow, if you go to the Advanced configuration tab in JBidwatcher, and enter my.jbidwatcher.uploaded in the key field, and click the ‘Delete’ button, Save the configuration, then close and restart JBidwatcher, the Upload All button should be enabled. That said, while it DOES upload all your listings to My JBidwatcher to be parsed, the code to pull them down and parse them isn’t in place. More accurately, it IS in place, it just hasn’t been wired up right yet.

Fascinatingly, My JBidwatcher already contains over 14,000 auctions users are following, although only a bit more than 150 users are ‘active’ (one or more auctions uploaded) out of over 800 people who’ve signed up.

Your account does exist on My JBidwatcher; I’ve upgraded it to a Power account for now, as I have for everybody who tries out My JBidwatcher currently.

Currently the way it works is that items that are updated and have a change get synched up to My JBidwatcher. There’s a bug in this, which doesn’t sync the listing the first time it’s added, so the actual volume is VERY low right now. :) You also have to have it turned on.

All of the My JBidwatcher stuff is very alpha right now, but I’m trying to get them working for folks…

I promise more updates as I get more done. For now, sleep.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar Christine 2 post(s)

Hi Morgan,

Thanks so much for your reply. I understand that of course life can get in the way of other projects ;). I appreciate all the work you’ve done so far.

I followed your instructions, and the Upload All button was activated again… but then the exact same initial problem reoccurred.

I also just noticed that all the My.Jbidwatcher settings are greyed out. Thought maybe that might offer another clue.

Avatar Sharynna 1 post

Heya! My Jbidwatcher seems like an awesome idea, but doesn’t seem to work getting any of my auctions. I have 2.1pre5 and followed your advice to Christine to delete the my.jbidwatcher.uploaded key and re-upload all, but when I go to the website, I see nothing when I log in. :-(

I understand your time constraints — just letting you know that My Jbidwatcher doesn’t seem to work at all for me either.