Window refresh on Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.1

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Avatar Mike Wirth 1 post

Hi, newbie here,

Not a very heavy eBay user, purchases only, but JBidWatcher has been useful to watch what the going price has been for stuff.

Have been running the latest JBW 2.1-pre4(1010) and have noticed a number of problems (including the need to manually sign in on eBay, as noted before by Madra).

One irritating one for us Mac diehards is that the Red/Yellow/Green window control buttons on the main JBW window don’t work correctly now (did before Snow Leopard?) If you click the Yellow button, the window shrinks to an icon on the dock (OK so far). But when you click on the icon and the window reopens, it’s blank (gray). No simple actions, e.g., add an auction, which you think would trigger a window refresh, do so. The only way I’ve found to get the window contents to reappear is to quit and restart JBW.

Note that the menu command, “JBW | Hide JBW (cmd-H)”, DOES work correctly. Clicking on the JBW bluebird application icon on the dock does bring back a populated window. Hmm… let’s try an experiment:
1. Click Yellow button
2. Click docked window icon ==> empty gray window
3. JBW | Hide JBW (cmd-H) ==> window disappears and DOESN’T show up as an icon on the dock.
4. Click JBW app icon on dock ==> brings back the GRAY window — Sigh…..

Anybody else see this behavior?


PS: I have the up-to-the-minute Java libs from Apple