jbidwatcher on snow leopard

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Avatar madra 17 post(s)

a couple of minor initial findings on running jbidwatcher (2.1pre4-1010) on mac OSX 10,6 snow leopard:

  • JBW no longer logs in automatically on launch. i have to select ‘ebay > refresh ebay session’ from the menu
  • JBW no longer remembers the ‘edit > set background colour’ setting between launches

apart from that, everything else seems fine – although i’ve yet to have a snipe become due to fire. that will be the big test!

Avatar madra 17 post(s)

well, i had a snipe fire successfully last night and won the item. so that aspect of jbidwatcher seems to be working fine on snow leopard

Avatar mweissie 1 post

I am not seeing that it is working at all. I have two snipes in and one I believe should have fired. The auction may have been extended since there were no bids, but it now has 3h to run and does not update correctly. I put in a bid going directly to ebay, and now pushing update still shows £4.40(0) obviously not picking up my single bid. The time is updating so we will see if it will see that the auction is over. I do not suspect any other bids and I guess jBidwatcher should not fire against myself.