JBid window won't go smaller

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Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

Thanks for all the updates Morgan, much appreciated

I can only make the JBid window minimise or maximise, can’t tailor the size. Not a huge problem, but it would be useful and may indicate another problem maybe

Can’t see this covered elsewhere

PS. As JBidwatcher is now part of my life (!), buying all sorts on Ebay I’ve put a bit into your kitty as thnaks for all the work you are doing to keep us going

Avatar mikethebike 30 post(s)

Duh !
Should have said.
This was the same on Beta7 as on Beta8. I’m on XP Home, SP3.
The limitation – I’ve just found – is only that I cannot make the JBid window smaller. I can make it larger in the ‘Medium’ window format, as well as Minimise and Maximise
(wonder what else I forgot….)