Current to-do list before 0.9.7 release

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Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

These are the ‘must do’ things before 0.9.7 release:
- Make Search include a ‘destination tab’ & widen it.
- ‘Snipe placed’ needs ’Don’t show me this again’.
- Save the column layout in #.### format.
- The first ‘#’ is column order, the second is the width.
- Add columns submenu to the tab context menu.
- Fix ‘Shipping’ sort.
- *RE*Fix column sorting after changed column order
Both the arrow and the actual columns being sorted.
— Allow sorting on the new columns?
- Update the FAQ as much as possible.
- Update the ‘What do the colors mean?’ document.
- Reduce menu options when clicking where tab isn’t.
- Configure default ‘display.cfg’ to do the right things.

These would be nice:
- The tab context menu deleters should be submenus.
- Set focus on ‘Yes’ when deleting items.
- YE GODS, a news updater would be nice…!