All current configuration values.

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Majority of useful and semi-useful advanced configuration keys:

snipemilliseconds (milliseconds)
timeleft.detailed (boolean)
savefile.format (version number)
auctions.savepath (path)
store.auctionHTML (boolean)
server.enabled (boolean)
server.port (port number)
ebay.user (username)
ebay.password (password)
savefile (filename)
last.auctioncount (number)
save.file.# (The #th ago savefile)
save.bydate.# (The #th ago savefile by date)
show_shipping (boolean, deprecated)
mac.aqua (boolean)
ui.useCornerButton (boolean)
display.bottombuttons (boolean, testing)
display.thumbnail (boolean)
deleted.ignore (boolean)
logging (boolean)
proxyfirewall (proxy, firewall, none) (hostname/ip address)
proxy.user (username on proxy)
proxy.pass (password on proxy)
ebay.affiliate (boolean, deprecated)
ebay.affiliate.override (boolean, deprecated)
browser.launch.{osname} (path to browser)
browser.launch {used if the osname one isn’t set)
browser.override (boolean, overrides auto-detect)
doubleclick.action (list of potential actions)
prompt.hide_delete_confirm (boolean)
server.port (port number)
allow.syndication (boolean)
platform.path (path to platform-specific files)
proxy.https.set (boolean) (hostname)
proxy.https.port (port number) (hostname)
firewall.port (port number)
sniperkitty (boolean)
splash (splash image filename)
toolbar.floater (boolean)
display.toolbar (boolean)
background (false, 6-digit RRGGBB hex color)
debug.memory (boolean, testing)
icon (icon image filename)
windows.tray (boolean)
windows.minimize (boolean) (boolean)
prompt.affiliate (boolean, deprecated)
informed.affiliate_over (boolean)
updates.enabled (boolean)
debugging (boolean)
config.firstrun (boolean)
limits.amount (deprecated)
mac.useMetal (boolean)
updates.allowConfig (boolean)
debug.showInputs (boolean, testing)
show.badhtml (boolean, testing)
mac (boolean)
search.savefile (filename)
thumbnail.crc (hex crc32 of invalid thumbnail)
updates.last_version (last update version gotten) (index of the site to browse to)
sound.enable (boolean)
debug.filedump (boolean, testing) (boolean)
show.images (boolean)
ebay.synchronize (boolean, deprecated)
prompt.ebay_synchronize (boolean)
display.alternate (boolean, alternate colors)
selection.invert (boolean, invert selected lines?)
selection.color (select color, hex RRGGBB format)
prompt.bin_confirm (boolean)
prompt.search_stop (boolean)
prompt.bid_over_bin_confirm (boolean)
prompt.snipe_over_bin_confirm (boolean)
prompt.snipe_quit (boolean)

Potential actions for doubleclick (selectable):
Snipe (pulls up snipe dialog)
Bid (pulls up bid dialog)
Information (pulls up info display)
Comment (pops up comment box)
Copy (copies some information into the clipboard)

Potential/useful advanced actions for doubleclick:
Save (saves all auctions)
Configure (pulls up config dialog)
CopyURL (copies the URL into the clipboard)
CopyID (copeis the auction id into the clipboard)
Add (pops up the ‘Add Auction’ box)
Delete (strongly recommended against)
About (pulls up the About box)
FAQ (pulls up the FAQ)
Cancel snipe (cancels the snipe for that auction)