Missing source code?

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Avatar mrnuxi 4 post(s)

On Windows 10, using git, IntelliJ Idea, and Java JDK 9 I tried building jbidwatcher after cloning the git repo [master]. src/com/jbidwatcher/app/JBidWatch.java failed to compile due to the missing import:

import com.cyberfox.util.platform.osx.NoNap;

looking at the src tree, under com/cyberfox/util/platform, there are no subdirectories, just Path.java and Platform.java …

I suspect the “osx” is an apple-related dir

Update: I commented out the import and the section of code that had:
if(Platform.isMac()) {

Now it builds and I am moving on to running the Unit tests (about half of which fail) … investigating.


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

The ‘nonap’ library is under my github repositories ; I wrote it to prevent OS X from forcing JBidwatcher to go to sleep when the computer was otherwise awake.

And yeah, the unit tests are awful. :(

— Morgan