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Good evening all.

I really like to thank Morgan because of JBidwatcher… it saved me lots of money (i have to pay 4 BRZ for each 1 USD)
So if i can snipe, it saves me lots of cash.

I´m working on a project to my employer, and i guess it could help Jbid a little.
The work is based on SonarQube Framework, and it helped the corporation reduce bugs, memory leakage and prevent exploits and vulnerabilities.

The tool parses the source code, and points lots of stuff to improve code standards, reduce technical debt, close bugs and prevent vulnerabilities. The best of all, it helps people on how to do the corrections (showing a overlay proposing the compliance code).

I created an isolated enviroment which analyze JbidWatcher sources considering versions 2.5.7, 3.0 and the Master/Trunk (I imagine it´s pre something… maybe 2.9Pre)

With some hints from the tool, i guess the community can boost the git pushes. (unfortunately, i´m no coder…basically i´m the ALM/SOA/VMSphere/Tooling Man)

To better understand what i´m talking about, please check this Google Drive Link:

I took some snapshots of the portal, and prepared a 7-zip pack with the environment ready to execute further analysis.

What is needed to inspect the future versions?

1) Java Runtime Environment 1.8.0+
2) A Browser (Firefox or Chrome recommended)
3) I also recommend Notepad++ to edit properties and the

How to:
a) Download the Jbid-Sonar Environment.7z (on the same folder which the pictures are located)
b) Decompress the package on a desired location using 7-Zip (I recommend c:\Sonar)
c) Locate the folder C:\SONAR\DEV\bin
d) Choose your O.S: In Linux, run the script “”, in Windows run the batch “StartSonar.bat”
e) Open the browser, point to: Localhost:9000 or
f) Sonar Portal should show the 3 versions analysed.
g) If you want to play or customize something, login as an admin. Login: Admin | Pass: Admin (Duh…)

Hope somehow, this help this project which i truly appreciate.

BTW, Sonarqube is open-source too!

Greetings from Brazil