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So I’ve made a small fork of this program and my aim is to add a CLI and a web based interface so that it’s possible to run it on a small host like a pi and use a web based system to use the program.

I’ve exchanged the script engine with jruby and fixed a few class loader path issues, I try to make it easy to compile from a git pull on and won’t even pretend to keep the mac support alive at this stage of the fork.

I have the web service running from the internal script engine using sinatra. I am basically looking for someone who is interested to help me build that sinatra part of the deal while I can concentrate on feeding in the data.

It’s about using ruby to display the data in a neat fashion. My approach in that will proably be very minimal.

Im not aiming to replace something here, rather widen the functionality.

Regards, Cookie.

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Wed interface would be great, so far I’ve been running JBidwatcher on a headless FreeBSD server using xpra (