Any chance for a FreeNAS (j)Bidwatcher plugin?

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Avatar Dr. Woo 3 post(s)

It would be a perfect add-on for everyone who runs his NAS 24/7 anyway.

Avatar Left Coast Geek 1 post

As a freenas user, I agree.

but you should be able to get jbidwatcher running under freenas now. create a jail, go into the jail’s shell, enable ssh logins and setup a jail account, install openjdk from ports/pkg. login as the user you setup and download the jbidwatcher jar and run it.

catch-22, FreeNAS has no X libraries for the config gui… and I wouldn’t really want to have to install enough X-crap on my headless FreeNAS box to be able to run a GUI directly on it. instead, I’d like to see a client-server configuration, where you’d run a bid engine on the NAS, what does the actual ebay communications, bidding, etc, and you connect to this bid engine server from a jbidwatcher client on a workstation to configure and monitor it…… The engine could(should) be the same .jar with a special configuration. you’d for sure need a way to enable the engine configuration without a gui, via a .ini or xml file or something. and you’d add this engine configuration to the jail’s startup script (/etc/rc.conf …)