Zoombie articles that cannot be deleted

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Avatar lsmod 11 post(s)

I have a problem to delete articles.
After a new start of JBidwatcher some old articles will be placed in the window again.
Even if i delete them all and choose "clear deleted tracking’ they will come up again after the next restart.

After delete some remains as empty holes on the screen like zoombies.

Avatar lsmod 11 post(s)

It seems that jBidwatcher tries to update articles that does not exist any more.

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

1. delete those items (again)

2. select under (FILE) menu, (CLEAR DELETED TRACKING)…..

3. Then quit JBW

4. re-launch and let JBW does it’s scanning etc…..

let me know if that helps.

Avatar lsmod 11 post(s)

Sorry – this does not help.
I deleted the complete path of jbidwatcher and started again.
It is the same.

Maybe the problem is that i try to use a different configurations for different users?
I am starting JBidwatcher with a little script that uses a different configuration and path for different ebay accounts:

cd /home/desktop/ebayuser/jbidwatcher
java -jar /usr/local/bin/JBidwatcher.jar /home/username/ebayuser/jbidwatcher/JBidWatch.cfg —usb

Maybe i should better create different linux user for the different ebay user?
Then i have the chance that different JBidwatcher can run parallel …