New ability for Multisnipe?

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Avatar lsmod 11 post(s)

Actual no Multisnipes are possible. :-(
“multisnipes is disabled in this version, as the underlying high-bidder detection code isn’t currently working”

From my point of view such a high-bidder code isn’t needed!
There must be only a detection if an auction has been won.

Normally it is not wise to try to bid nearly simultaneously for different articles.
So the articles should have ending times that have bigger spaces than the bidding will take.
With this condition it is possible to have easy multisnipes for more than 1 article.

So just group all the articles together into one group and store how much of them should be sniped.
Just like in this software:

JBidwatcher will snipe for each article in the group with it’s limit until it has sniped as much articles it should buy.

This would be a great functionality.

Avatar lsmod 11 post(s)

It’s really nasty that there is no function for multisnipe any more. :-(

When you want to bid on an article in multiple autions you can’t be sure that you win more than one (or needed).

The needed function is only to group multiple entries and the possibility to enter how much you want to snipe of them.
When you have won the needed number of auctions in this group the bidding will stop for the rest of entries.

It would be great if this functionality could be implemented!