BUG - v 2.5.2 on Windows 7 in UK - all auctions showing as Fixed Price

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I am a long time user of JBidwatcher but lately (v 2.5 and 2.5.2 I think), all my auctions (Buy It Now and regular auctions) are showing as fixed price and won’t let me put snipes on them.

With the previous release (2.5) there was some non-deterministic behaviour where, when updating auction info, JBidwatcher would change auctions to FP and vice versa. The latter only happened a few times when I was deliberately restarting JBidwatcher to try and get it to remove all the (incorrect) FP tags.

Needless to say I can’t use it for sniping anything because it shows all the auctions as Fixed Price and won’t let me place snipes or multisnipes. If I click “buy” it says “This will buy the item outright at the price of null” and if I click “ok” it says “You cannot purchase this item, it is not a Buy It now item” but does not correct the FP tag and still won’t let me place a snipe.

I have tried deleting and re-adding auction items (with and without clearing the deleted items and dumping the cache) and also reinstalling JBidwatcher (2.5.2) with and without removing all the auction listings (and clearing the deleted items and dumping the cache).

I have an additional bug which is that none of the pictures are showing.

US auctions seem to be ok – I’ve tried adding auction and buy it now listings and they work and have images.

I am in the UK, bidding on UK auctions and using Windows 7 with Java version 7 update 7 (according to the Java.com version checking tool). I would be happy to provide more information.

Please could you tell me if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

Thank you!

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I am in USA, using ebay.com and Mac OS X

Besides the thumbnails go to a rounded grey balls (no pic of the product), I am able to add from search list (having difficulties adding by dragging items from web pages), and able to snipe and bid and still been winning items …

Many changes from eBay as I can tell but most people having problems are from non-USA-eBay sites is what I can tell.

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The fixed price problem is the same on Ubuntu and the German ebay site. (v 2.5.2)

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There is a fix for this issue in another thread:

It does fix the FP problem, though it does not fix the thumbnail problem or the problem with some auctions not appearing at all …

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I noticed that after JBW was re-launch and sat there over time (I keep it running 24/7), it will fetch all the thumbnail pic/icons of all the new listing items. I have no problem with those thumbnail pic no more now (over time, not immediately when I add them).

But with some particular sellers, it will only show the seller as = (program – opens in a new window or tab), a weird message for the seller, but that does not bother me much now, as I know who that is (I bid on his items all the time), and all the bidding, icon, time, item# everything is fine, and I’d been able to snipe and win/lose on all the items so far.

I also noticed some listing on eBay, when viewed in browser on a computer, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, will display a long long long blank area in the item description ….. probably a collision of java of some sort from eBay… so, until users keep complaining to eBay and force them to make good on their codes, we all kind of suffer as users.

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Thanks everyone for your replies and especially to sungi for linking to the other thread. I haven’t installed the fix (yet) because near the bottom of that thread I saw a simple interim solution – use the hammer and gavel button to place snipes instead of the right click menu. Would you believe I have never used that button in all the years I’ve had JBidwatcher. I will use it for now and hope that everything is fixed in the next version, at least until eBay breaks it again!