Sniping problem with "Buy it Now" price

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Using JBidwatcher V2.5 on Ubuntu Linux (11.10) + Sun Java 1.6.0_30

Today I tried to snipe an item that was up for Auction (no bids, “starting bid”: $225), but also has a “buy it now” price of $299. When I try and snipe this item, it reports that the current bid and the “minimum legal bid” are both the “Buy it now” price: $299, rather than the “starting bid” price.

Initially I believed I couldn’t snipe for this item however when I continued the process and put in my snipe price (less than the “buy it now” price obviously, it let me put that in. Hopefully it will work and snipe properly, I’ll know in 40 minutes or so.

The following item (from the same seller, ends in 4 days) also demonstrates the problem:


Rob Hills