Feature request: multi-snipe set-up from previously ended auctions

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Avatar Yeti88 24 post(s)

Looked around some but didn’t find this posted anywhere. Hope this is the appropriate place to do so.

When I select several items on which I’m planning to set a multi-snipe it won’t work if one or more of the included items are already in the past. Well, that makes sense, can’t bid/snipe on items that have already sold. What I’m trying to do is this though: I would still like to include one auction that has already ended to easily set the price for the new ones I just added to my list, i.e. selecting a multi-snipe from the past (with my former bid limit) and new articles that I would like to bid for. That way I could set up a new multi-snipe with the same snipe amount as before with just one mouse click, same as if all the selected items were still running.

Hope this makes sense. Was trying to make this as short as possible. Feel free to ask for any clarifications.

Would really LOVE to see this option (“One or more auction(s) you selected have already ended. Do you still wish to set up a multi-snipe with the given snipe amount?”).