Where should newly watched items appear?

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Avatar Ward 26 post(s)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I’d add an item to my Watch List on eBay, and JBidwatcher would add it to my “current” tab.

Then JBidwatcher changed, my watched items moved to the “My eBay” tab. It was no problem to shift my focus to “My eBay.”

I just experience an echo of the past. I added a new item to my Watch List and asked JBidwatcher to find it with eBay menu > Get My eBay Items. The yellow bar appeared, announcing that 3 (?) new items had been found. But nothing changed in the “My Ebay” list.

Something told me to check the “current” tab, where I found my one new item! (I have no idea what the other 2 “new” items were.)

I entered a snipe on the new item … and it disappeared from the “current” list. I immediately clicked the “My eBay” tab and found the new item (with my snipe amount).

I suspect this unusual behavior has actually happened before because, from time to time, Get My eBay Items would report new items, but they didn’t appear. I found I could make them appear with a Quit and relaunch of JBidwatcher.

— Ward

Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

almost same experience on my end (Mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.2).

eBay makes so many changes (they have hundreds of programmers working on things everyday), and JBW somehow still works as long as you try to work with it with experiences like such.

When I do a URL search – it will find lots of new listings, and for some reasons, some of them will go to the pre-defefined tab which I ask the search to go to, but part of the search results are all ended in the “current” tab. so I simply do search, and then go to “current” and select all and move them to the desired tab. I get it to work for me to my advantages, and I am still winning listings on items I want based on my globally assigned snipes. I do not do multiple bids, I select a lot of the same items, and then choose “snipe” (not multiple snipes) as I wish to win as many as I can from those and normally things will take little of my efforts and later I just concentrate on finding out how many of those I won and get to pay them from Paypal.

It’s like life, we learn how to make it work for us. JBW is great, but eBay has a way of making over 30,000+ changes everyday (really?)…