Bid staging

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I wrote a sniper many moons ago way before the API came out – screen scraping. :)
Anyway – that to say that i had given strategy some thought and I had a feature that may be of use.
propagation time has always been problematic – in those days of dial-up even more so. I decided that 30 seconds (configurable) before the auction end I would:
determine if the bid was within my max snipe
start a timer
submit a bid of the exact next bid increment (so if item was $9 and bid incr = .50 – bid $9.50)
wait for confirmation
stop timer
This gave me a propagation delay to submit the actual snipe.
Worked pretty good.
I bring this up because I noticed a few posts on complaining about losing bids.
I agree you should determine the actual value when you submit your bid – but sometimes at literally the last second somebody snipes you because they are willing to bump a buck or so. I firmly believe in not giving them those seconds. Precision sniping is the answer to reduce the response time for the chiselers and I had a heuristic that helped with that aspect.
My 2 cents – cheers!