Leak when using MySQL?

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Avatar Dave Howell 15 post(s)

I switched JBidWatcher over from using the internal Derby database to an external MySQL database in order to have some insight into the auctions in the datastore, but I’ve noticed that after a day or so, JBidWatcher seems to get rather sluggish. In one instance, I’d let it run unattended for a few days, and when I came back to look at it, it was moving so slowly I had to force-quit it and relaunch. I tried switching it back to the Derby dbstore, but it seemed to lose track of a number of auctions when I did that, so I had to take it back to MySQL. It’s dealing with around 40 or 50 auctions spread across two tabs. Admittedly, it’s running under OSX 10.4.11 on a 667MHz G4 machine, so it’s not exactly super-fast even when first launched, but I’ve used this machine as my always-on JBid box for a few years now, and until I switched it to MySQL, it didn’t have slow-down issues.