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Okay, so after a few searches on this awesome forum I’ve successfully switched my selection.color value and figured out the “Title Only” characteristics for searches matching what I’m trying to do with eBay.

The only remaining question I have is the following:
When I perform a search, the item # is added to the DB and it updates as expected. However, if I then drop language from the search text and rerun that search, the previous matching results still show up.

For example: If I’m looking for beanie babies (since that seems to be a popular example), I set the search to something like “beanie baby (mcdonalds,mcdonald’s) (giraffe,elephant,duck,eagle,bear) (tag,tags) -green -red -blue” and run my search. NOTE: The same holds for five separate searches for each item, I’m just efficient — read lazy. :)

If I’m successful at auction and win an orange elephant, I then update the search by removing “,elephant” from the search text and rerun it; however, the previous search results remain in my new results, though I’m no longer requesting the elephant listings…

I’ve tried moving all previously shown results to a new tab called [Listings], but once matches have been found and are listed in the DB, it seems they’re not copied between/shown on multiple tabs when they match to a new search.

For our example above, the 6,000 results are moved to the new [Listings] tab and the search is rerun. The new items appear in the [current] tab as expected, but those previously found matching items do not move to/display on the [current] tab, but remain with the old results.

I’d like a feature to be considered which would move the matching items from a previous search between tabs whenever they match to a new search. That way I can effectively manage results, have everything I’m interested in showing on the same tab, and I can go back to the [Listings] tab and drop all the elephants from view.

And as always, if there is another way or I’m not seeing something clearly, please explain/link to a solution and I’ll correct my method.

Thanks for your consideration,


Avatar Noni Mous 5 post(s)