Feature request - per tab completion handling

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Avatar hobbes 12 post(s)


I’m using jBidWatcher succsessfully. Thanks for providing it.

My regular usage szenario monitors a relativ concrete search for a few days/weeks. After that period I have a good overview of the min/max price range. Then I start to snipe with a price near the lower price.

One problem with this wotkflow is that all completed auctions will end up in the one and only “complete” tab, here I have to filter for the auctions of a specific search manually.

Would it be possible to have a per tab “completion” list? e.g. for each tab a tab called “xyz – complete”, or even better, under each tab a new level of tabs to provide more info for the current search, e.g the current active auctions, the completed auctions and e.g some statistics details on this search, or a graph of all prices.


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

If you right-click (Ctrl-Click on Mac, IIRC) on the tab itself, and select ‘Properties’, there’s some configuration that you can apply that will direct ended auctions to different tabs.

I’ve heard mumblings that it doesn’t quite work, or doesn’t persist between runs, but nothing concrete unfortunately. I’d love to hear if it works for you!

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar hobbes 12 post(s)

Hello Morgan,

thanks. I will try that and post any findings here. Haven’t seen that dialog so far :-)


Avatar hobbes 12 post(s)

I tested it, and it is not working. All completed auctions will still end up in the one and only complete tab.
I have not seen any completed auction that was forwarded to the correct tab, and I did not restart the application before I checked this. Is there any logging that can be activated to see the completion handling?