New Features: multi-messages / Multi-shipping fees

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I’m using JBidWatcher for multi-sniping and today, I was looking for a book.
I noticed that many books are for sale on ebay for a very low price but almost all the items have no shipping information such as shipping price/fees.
I had to write individually to each of the sellers selling the very same book to ask the same question : do you ship to my country and what would the fees be ?

It would be nice to be able to multi-ask-a-question from JBidWatcher a little bit at the manner of multi-snipe works.
Also, it would be convenient to multi-set-the-shipping-fees for items that will have the same shipping fees….

I hope I didn’t write in the wrong thread …
Thanks anyway for listening to this feature request.
And congratulations to the people who made JBidWatcher happen, especially on the Mac !