Feature Request: Add all the auctions from the same seller...

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Avatar vgrajeda 1 post

I buy A LOT from an eBay Store that has hundreds of auction style items, I’d like to watch, bid or snipe on most of them,
I’d like to add all the items from my favorite seller to Jbidwatcher with a single command…



Avatar zappram 290 post(s)

Something you can do now to achieve that, not one click, but easier… (drag-all and drop)

Unless the seller has thousands of items… this is what you can do:

1. search under that seller to show all the items currently listed

2. scroll down to end of page to select list 200 items per page, so you get all of them listed in the same page or at least the first 200 of the listings.

3. (SELECT-ALL) from your browser page. In my Mac FireFox or Safari, I use (COMMAND-A), and DRAG the entire page to JBW windows

Magically, all the listings will be added to your “My eBay” tab or the “current” tab, then you can view them by date, price, title, etc.

You can do the same, with final search results on eBay on any items. I used that technique (drag and drop) to add hundreds of listings, and snipe on all of them. JBW 2.1.3 is much better in performance, and it’s not difficult to do.

Try it, just delete those you don’t want. Good Luck!