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Avatar peter cain 1 post

i am sorry about this but i cannot find the bug list .. am sure it was about recently ..

firstly, congrats .. for two jobs well done, well 3: 2 kids and a fantastic product ..

i am sure these “features” have been mentioned before, but as above, i cannot find them ..

jb can take a few seconds to maximise ..

jb, seems to go to sleep and fails to wake up .. this did not happen before .. result is that snipes are not firing .. when you maximise jb, it jb just moves (some) missed items from “my ebay” to “complete” ..
will try leaving jb maximised .. see if this solves the problem ..

another thing .. unimportant really .. when closing jb it warns you there are outstanding snipes even when there are not .. i think it gets confused with best offers made ..