Wake from standby

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Avatar gunrunnerjohn 9 post(s)

A great option would be to have jBidwatcher wake from standby when it was a couple minutes before a snipe. That way you wouldn’t have to manually schedule the task.

It’s somewhat tricky to get it to wake up, but apparently you can export the XML or in fact build it yourself and get the task to run. You could probably build a skeleton task with everything but the time and just modify the XML for the time and run the task.

The SCHTASKS command has an XML option according to this post: http://efreedom.com/Question/1-497945/Using-Schtasks-Command-Line-Parameter-Will-Wake-Computer-Sleep-Execute-Task

This would be a great feature for the program. :)

Avatar jksmurf 5 post(s)

I absolutely 2nd this request