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I don’t know if this is new behavior, or whether this has been discussed before. One Buy-It-Now auction had been tagged “immediate payment”, adn I didn’t see that detail. JBW recognized the BIN status, and gave me the “Buy” menu item which I used. Everything seemed OK until I later noticed that the item was still listed for sale. This is what ebay does until an “immediate payment” item is paid for. However, JBW gave me no clue. Maybe it should put up a dialog box.

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As far as I know… most all BUY-IT-NOW auction require immediate payment now on eBay, as Paypal is about the only method of payment and Immediate payment is a default for Buy-It-Now when you list items.

Sellers who want to sell as B-I-N is looking to sell items at the price they want, kind of like their electronic store on eBay, so the same payment when buy in store apply mostly.

I only snipe on bidding listings. If the item is B-I-N, I just go to the listing and buy and pay it when I am ready to purchase it.

Make sense?

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I have closely looked over several other B-I-N sales, and saw no “immediate pay” requirement. I think it must be a seller option.

Buying B-I-N things through JBW, rather than through the ebay listing page, is desirable because JBW maintains history. At least the one seller was agreeable to remove the “immediate pay” so I could use JBW (and pay for several items at one time).

Even if I was content to use ebay directly on such things, JBW should warn me if I overlook the notice, and try with JBW.

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hmmm maybe much more need to be studied on my part …. but when I run into the B-I-N that requires immediate payment, I would manually select to (snip) and that’s only assuming the item is plentiful and will be available at the end of the listing. But normally, if I want the item, and it’s only on B-I-N, I’d just buy from eBay and the transaction will later show up in JBW in the COMPLETED tab.

But again, I normally delete all the past transaction, so I don’t care much about the item history, etc… too many for me to worry if I want to keep track. That’s just me. And for keeping less transaction with JBW, it loads fast, but again, it’s the same with any DB of any program that I have used. I am using Mac only, speaking from my personal experiences only.