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I was flipping through my moldy pile of old email messages, and tripped across the end of an exchange we’d had back in March (2010) about using a DB server for JBid’s datastore. You were testing out migrating from Derby SQL to MySQL. I was wondering about having multiple instances of JBid on multiple machines running off the same datastore, so I could add auctions at my desk and not worry about forgetting to have JBid running come snipe-time since my server instance would handle the sniping. So, there may or may not be issues surrounding whether or not multiple JBids would be confused by sharing a datastore; we didn’t really slice the details finely enough to make that clear. I did mutter about not using Postgres; you offered the credible defense of what you’d used before vs. what you hadn’t.

I’m working on a different db project of my own right now, and discovered some Postgres commands I’d never noticed before, which might be relevant, should you ever decide to focus on modifying JBid’s database store. Postgres has “LISTEN” and “NOTIFY” commands, which can be invoked like any other SQL command.

As for not knowing PostgreSQL, y’know, they’re both SQL databases. The command-line programs are spelled a bit differently (mysqldump vs. pg-dump, for example), but once they’re running, if you stay close to the SQL-standard commands, stuffing strings and integers and floats into and pulling them out are pretty much the same. {smile}

Now, I rather suspect your limited JBid development time would be much better spent on an iPhone app (sigh), but I wanted to drop this obscure bit of info into your lap just in case.