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Avatar shaitand 1 post

Reading through a couple previous posts you mentioned that the sniping engine wouldn’t work on the droid as is and in another (earlier) thread you seemed to be considering making an android edition.

I came here because I had the idea of a sniping app on the android and jbidwatcher is my favorite solution for this problem on my desktops over the past several years.

It seems like a GUI rework would be needed to fit a mobile app better. Additionally, it sounds like some of the internal functionality would have to reworked for the android. Of course all this would need to be kept up to date into the future.

I just can’t see putting forth all that work without charging two or three dollars for the app. This is quite a bit more work than renaming the app and selling it on Ebay and I doubt it will ever amount to the income seen in part time career flipping burgers but I understand if you wouldn’t be willing to permit it. Maybe we could work out some sort of fair is fair arrangement where my derivative and changes are licensed back under terms that allow you to use them commercially if the opportunity arises?

If you wouldn’t be okay with this I respect that. If this is already on your radar then I respect that as well. I might consider building from scratch if its not on your radar but you aren’t willing to grant permission. Frankly it just seems like a serious waste to duplicate so much that is already there in another open project.

Avatar joblack 1 post

I would pay for an Android version as well. Android is mainly Java so at least the background code should be convertable very easy. GUI programming might be a point but I’m not that into fancy GUI buttons – I’m happy if it works. ;)

Avatar Noni Mous 5 post(s)

I’d be happy with an interface for android that would communicate with the desktop app of JBidWatcher running on my home server. It could enter new items and allow me to set snipes remotely, then execution of the snipes would take place on my much faster home connection where I’d have a better shot at winning auctions anyway… the gross variability in snipe times would kill a Droid version IMO, but I’m willing to give it a shot if you (Morgan/shaitand) end up reworking it.

Avatar Noni Mous 5 post(s)

And apparently you’re already thinking in this direction…

Avatar Noni Mous 5 post(s)

more thinking: