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Under linux I set all my icons to 16×16 and I realized that JBidwatcher does not have them.

It was a simple matter to resize the 32×32 set and to add a new icons/16 directory in the source tree. I can provide them if needed although ‘cd icons/32; for f in *; do convert -resize 50% $f ../16/$f; done;’ will do the job. Rebuild the project and voila no more ‘NullPointerException’

Besides this I noticed that the sources do not build out of the box:
– src.dir points to src and the tarball has only com so either create src and move com into it or change build.xml.
– the onejar directory is missing. I’ve used the latest version 0.96 sdk changed metainf.

Otherwise it seem to build and work on OpenSuse 11.2/java 1.6_02

Would be nice if netbeans/eclipse projects were available.

Thanks for a great tool.

Avatar redwil 3 post(s)

Oops this is about the ‘toolbar’ icons so directory is …/icons/toolbar/…’

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

Whoa; I had forgotten you could even do that. :)

Yeah, I supply 24 and 32 pixel icons; I believe I have 16 pixel icons, but I didn’t include them…

One thing I don’t do when you shrink the icons (as I recall) is shrink the minimum window width, so it can be a little annoying to have a ton of dead space.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!