Mobile version for iPhone/iPad?

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Avatar WyldKard 1 post

Any plans to develop a version of this for the iPhone/iPad? We’ve used this app for years and love it, and would really love a version we can take out of the house!

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

I wish; actually I’m a paid member of the iPhone developer program, and I’m trying to download the iPad dev kit right now.

The problem, however, is that neither the iPhone nor the iPad are multitasking, so JBidwatcher by definition can’t run in the background to snipe for you.

This means that sniping needs to be done on some other device. Right now, that device would be your desktop JBidwatcher instance. In order to allow an iPhone to control your desktop JBidwatcher instance, it needs to go through a service which both will talk to. (To avoid NAT problems, and firewall issues, and crud like that.)

Currently JBidwatcher is able to sync with My JBidwatcher ( and upload information. My goal is to make it able to receive changes (i.e. snipes placed) from the web service as well, allowing an iPhone app to talk to My JBidwatcher, which then talks to your desktop JBidwatcher, and sets/cancels a snipe.

The iPhone/iPad app could give a display of listings, and useful information about them (and allow browsing to them), but snipes wouldn’t work directly FROM the app, but would have to be synchronized down to your desktop app.

The other option, which I’m actively exploring, is allowing you to set snipes that are fired from an external web-based service. Specifically, right now, Gixen is the one I’m considering integrating with, because I respect the person making it, it’s inexpensive, and offers an API that I’ve already built a library to talk to.

This would allow you to see listings on your iPhone or iPad, and set snipes, which would then be executed by either your desktop JBidwatcher, or the Gixen server.

One way or another, the information has to flow through the My JBidwatcher web application, though.

This is also not going to be free, I’m afraid. I don’t see it as being expensive, but even if for bandwidth reasons alone, I can’t do it for nothing.

My real problem right now is figuring out how to make it simple.

— Morgan Schweers, CyberFOX!

Avatar specificobject 1 post

I’d love a iPhone app too — now that Apple will allow some multitasking maybe it’s possible?

Right now I’ve got an old PowerMac (Pismo / G3) that I’ve got jbidwatcher running on and I VNC into to set snipes when I’m on the road, it’s wonky and slow, but it works…

Avatar JohnT 2 post(s)

I also love this sniper tool, especially because it works from a local desktop or other type device.
Is iOS4 making it any easier to make this happen to get this on our iPhones and iPads?

Even a semi automated app could be a solution, not brilliant I know.
It could work like this, get a warning (push note) that a auction is ending soon.
Then switch to the app and leave it active for the time needed.
Again not brilliant but…


Avatar Dave Howell 15 post(s)

Morgan, JBidWatcher is a remarkable blob of code. You save anybody who spends much time getting stuff on eBay sooo much money that you absolutely should be charging something for this. I strongly urge you to not even bother trying to do an iPhone app that depends or expects a desktop-based version of JBidWatcher to do the bidding. A 3rd-party dedicated server will have much higher reliability (“Oops, I forgot to turn my home machine on,” “What, the kids knocked the cable loose?”, “You were playing Call of Duty and crashed the machine?”) and you won’t have to deal with the myriad router/firewall/whatnot issues in communicating between them. $5 for the app itself (and perhaps the ability to snipe directly if it’s running on the iPhone), and access to the snipe-server at $5 for a 7-day subscription (all the auctions you can handle in one week) or $10 for a 30-day subscription with auto-renew.

I’m just making these numbers up, but I think most iPhone users would feel these were mere token amounts to pay for the service.