Possibly clean up some clutter

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I believe EBay requires all sellers to offer payment by PayPal. Surprise! EBay owns PayPal. So I wonder if there is any value from the “P” icon in the “Status” column. Removing that “P” would clean things up a bit…

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Really great – replying to my own post. However, this seemed like a logical place for my latest thought because it was related, and this placement would minimize clutter in the forum.

The latest beta pre-5 software has fixed the problem with JBidwatcher missing the seller ID for “Top-rated” sellers. Great job. Why not replace the redundant “P” icon in the Status column with a “T” for “Top-rated” (when earned)?

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Yeah, I’m beginning to think the ‘P’ has to go away. I just worry that existing users will think it means the sellers don’t support PayPal anymore.

— Morgan

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Yup, then later eBay will change their polices (again), so more work for Morgan and more … gray hair? ;)

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I don’t know about other ebay sites but here in germany we don’t have to offer paypal in auctions.