Feature request: snipe amount from external program (USD 200,- reward)

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Avatar bidfish 14 post(s)

I would love to get the snipe amount calculated from an external program (like a perl script).

To let jbidwatcher call the external program ‘ext’ is entered as snipe amount.
At the time set up for sniping, jbidwatcher calls that external program giving it the ebay article number as parameter.

Now the external program calculates the snipe amount and exits, giving the snipe amount back to jbidwatcher.

I’m offering USD 200,- for the implementation of this feature.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

How about the reverse? You can set a snipe on an auction in JBidwatcher by calling the internal web server.

You can GET the URL

and it will add a snipe (and now, with changes I made earlier this year, it’ll actually update the view!) to the app.

and to cancel a snipe, you can use:

This requires, of course, that the internal web server be running. I’m pretty sure error handling isn’t great, so I’m not sure offhand what happens if you put in an auction that isn’t in JBidwatcher. You can add an auction to a running JBidwatcher instance by GETting:

Hope that helps with your scripting needs.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar bidfish 14 post(s)

Sounds great.
As I understand it I first have to
add that auction by GETting: http://localhost:9099/addAuction?id=190280918097

and then

setting the snipe amount http://localhost:9099/activateSnipe?id=190280918097&snipeamount=3.98

As soon as I have some free time at my hands I’ll set up another account for testing. If this works for me, there’ll be some sniper’s bounty on its way. ;) No kiddin….

Thank you CyberFOX for this great tool!

Avatar bidfish 14 post(s)

Web server & local html view runs great!.
As it looks listings are shown in no special order.
Is there an option to sort listings for remaining time or article number?

BTW: how to enable jruby? When starting jbidwatcher,
I get an error message that

“Error setting up scripting: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/jruby/runtime/builtin/IRubyObject”

BTW: I have install jruby-0.9 and jruby-1.0.