Check if Jbid is still able to bid (due to ebay modifications)

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Avatar atropine 2 post(s)

I made this suggestion maybe a year ago, but I don’t’ think anyone ever replied, and it wasn’t implemented.

Basically jbidwatcher keeps breaking, because ebay keeps making changes. I understand that is unavoidable the way this software access’s ebay without having to pay a licensing fee, but I feel the software is a little ‘dumb’ in that it doesn’t know it can’t snipe anymore until it snipes and nothing happens. This is also the most annoying moment for me, as I’m often infront of the computer when the snipe happens so could have done it manually.

I was wondering if when a snipe is added, the software might be able to make a bid for 1cent, which is obviously not going to be accepted, but it will check if jbid can still actually bid, and if it can’t then maybe an alarm or something can trigger to alert users that jbid will no longer work until a new version is released. Maybe jbid could put in a 1cent bid every 12 hours until the end of the auction to ensure the software is still working.

Using this method is how I now manually check to make sure jbid is still working, but an automated process would be better.

Avatar Dodgy Geezer 107 post(s)

I would like to ‘second’ this request, though for a slightly different reason. When someone starts using this software they are often very cautious, since they are committing their own ‘purchasing decisions’ to an unknown software package. The JBID manual is not really comprehensive. So they want to experiment – to put in ‘practice’ bids.

Ebay has a facility for this – It would be really useful if JBID could access this in some way, to provide new users and those who are not sure if the system is working with a bit of confidence.

I understand that in practice it will be difficult or impossible to ‘check that the snipe will work’. That depends on so many things that only happen when the bid is entered, and if you actually trial a real bid you are ruining the whole point of sniping. But a simple test would still be useful…..