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Avatar maccowley 6 post(s)

Hi Morgan,
I don’t know if you have an idea already, how to solve the shipping problem. If the only way will be to parse every local Ebay site, I suggest that the JBidwatcher user should help you. Maybe you could build a text file which we could translate in the specific languages. If this will help you, let me know. I’ll make the translation into German.


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

That is in fact precisely what I’m doing. The key, however, is that the ‘translation’ is actually just looking for the right words on the eBay view item and (eventually) bid (and bid result) pages.

I currently have it loading the item details, thanks to a very enterprising user who helped put together a first pass translation, but bidding is a harder problem.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar Frank 1 post

Hi, Morgan et all.

Maybe you could participate on the localization-stuff from Biet-O-Matic (an Open-Source, windows-only, sniper).

E.g. look for serverstring_XXX.ini files here:

Best regards

Avatar Martin 1 post

Hi Morgan,

I (from Germany) would also like to help you with localizing the software. Because I use JBidwatcher for years,
it’s time to contribute.
I checked out the sources, currently trying to understand the Parser.

Best regards

Avatar Kr4bat 2 post(s)

Hi Morgan,

is there any process in setting up language files for the GUI, which can be translated?