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Avatar dinio 2 post(s)

I do not know if it is the right section but I would like to make some comments on the bug which was reported yesterday consecutive to the new Ebay filtering of items not shipped to the site you are currently logged in.
I am a lot impacted by this bug as I live in France, and use JBidWatcher for items which are very often sold only to France.
I do not agree with this Ebay modification because very often the seller will accept to ship the item to your country even if he did not allow this option when listing. I have asked the sellers several times for this and most often they agreed to do so.
Therefore I would suggest that the correction will allow to bypass this Ebay restriction.
This could be done for instance by searching for the items using a predefined ordered set of Ebay sites which could be polled successively in case an item is not found on the first, then the second, and so on.
Second best solution would be to use a parameterized Ebay site instead of But it might imply a lot of internationalization problems in the Ebay pages parsing. I do not know.
I must stress that I am waiting eagerly for a solution because this problem prevents me from using JBidWatcher from now.
I encourage you to re-enable the functionalities as they were before the Ebay modification.
If I may help, just tell me.

Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

It’s not my call. eBay has broken the ability to see items that don’t ship to a given country on that country’s site. So on you won’t be able to view items that are sold ‘only’ to eBay US (, even if you could convince the seller to change their mind. It’s not how I want it to be, at all, but it’s not like it’s something that I can ‘work around’, really. They enforce it on their end.

I’ll be working on a solution as soon as I can.

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar Quo 10 post(s)

To me it seems that probably the only way to allow sniping/watching items that don’t appear on the site of your choice would be to add a “OriginatingSite” field to the auction data, to allow access to those items via other sites. Looks like we’re into multi-site features with that. Given the multi-site wreckup ebay put us in as of recent, I’’d be glad to be able to bid to local auctions at all, though. (BTW: “Europe” as a valid shipping target seems to be sufficient to allow watching and possibly sniping international auctions over – at least I’ve been successfully watching a few of those the last days.
Thanks for putting all those work into JBidwatcher!
— Quo