Time Delta and Auction Ending Time

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My girlfriend recently lost an auction that she really wanted to win and I’m trying to figure out why. When viewing the event list for the auction in question it says:

Listing ended at Sun Aug 10 21:33:12 CDT 2008
Sun Aug 10 21:32:29 CDT 2008: Cancelling snipe, auction is reported as ended.

Notice the cancel before the close time. I’ve got time synchronization on. The average delta is about 45 second between this computer and ebay. She had the snipe time set to 10 second before auction ending.

Every 30 minutes a TIMECHECK happens. This causes ebayServer.getOfficialTime() to run which will zero the time delta if the time url failed to load or be parsed. So in the event of a temporary page load failure the delta is off for the next 30 minutes. I think it’d be better keeping the previous delta.

It’s also possible that my girlfriends laptop (auto ntp updating) or ebay adjusted their time, I doubt that much drift could have happened any other way. If this happens it’s possible for the delta to be off for up to 30 minutes.

If they are only auctions with 30+ minutes until the auction close time refreshing the delta every 30 minutes is ok but if there are auctions with less than 30 minutes remaining and a time to snipe of below 5 minutes I think it would be good to refresh the delta at 5 min (+pageload). While this would increase the traffic to the time url I think you can push back the refresh when there are only auctions with > 60 minutes before close to be auctionTimeRemaining/2

Also, it seems like ebayServer.getAdjustedTime() is never used anywhere. Is anything taking in to account the page load times when figuring out when to snipe?

For now I just had her increase her snipe time from 10 seconds to 45 seconds.