Rollback request: update completed auctions

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Avatar gchester 7 post(s)

When starting all previous versions of JBidWatcher it would show completed auctions in red in the “current” tab then update their price then shift them to the “complete” list. Now, version 2.03beta shifts them to the “complete” list ‘behind the scenes’ without showing them in “current” list first and I have to manually force an update of those auctions to track what price those items sold for.

What was your rationale for this change?
Can you return to the previous behavior?
Or, can you at least make sure that newest completed auctions are also updated when restarting after missing an ending time?

Thanks for a great app., but I consider that newest behavior a negative enhancement.


Avatar Morgan Schweers Administrator 1,204 post(s)

chuckle I have no idea exactly what you’re describing, but you ascribe too much to conscious choice when it’s probably actually a bug.

Just to be clear, in the first sentence ‘completed auctions’ means ‘completed auctions that ended in between the last time I closed JBidwatcher and the next time I started it’, right?

I never changed that behavior, at least not on purpose. (This is why it’s still in beta, odd fallout like this.)

File it as a bug. (There may actually already be a bug for ‘items don’t update a last time after ending’, but I don’t recall off the top of my head.)

— Morgan Schweers, Cyber*FOX*!

Avatar gchester 7 post(s)

Yes, my description is as you assumed. I’ll try to confirm your understanding by rephrasing it: If auctions finish while jbidwatcher is not running then when you do get it running again it used to show these auctions in red, update their sell price then shift them to “complete”. Now, with v2.03beta, when restarting after not running for a while the finished auctions appear straightaway in the “complete” list and their final sale price is not updated (they are ignored, based on expired finish time).

I’ll post a bug, as you suggest. Thanks for a great app. :-).