server version?

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I recon it would be cool to have a cmdline version of jbid i could run on my main linux box that i never turn off. So I could make bids on XP in the gui version but the bids a keep central in the linux box then i turn of my other computers and the linux box would run my bids over night etc..

failing that a commandline version that I can run in a shell without X!

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+1 This is very similar what I do with rtorrent, and its great. Perhaps what the author would like is what I used to do with Azureus, which had a server version with a telnet and a web interface.

But the basic solution that I think all the linux geeks would be happy to see would be a command line version we could run in a screen session, and ssh to the box running it and reattach / un-attach from that screen session to input new items, as mentioned in the authors second paragraph. Think of all the electricity we’ll save being able to turn off our desktops!

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You can use NX, and you have what you want…
This is what I do, and it works just fine.

With NX, you can suspend your X windows session and resume it from anywhere on the internet.
It is free.