Some usability bugs

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Avatar Henk Poley 4 post(s)

1. It would be very nice if something would indicate that all auctions that were found with the search have been downloaded by the program. Currently I could start cleaning up the results on a tab and then still more results are pouring in. Please add a little icon on the tab that shows if there are multiple pending auctions downloading.

2. Basically all dialogs that want you to enter something have the focus on the [OK] button, but not on the input field. This is for example with “Set shipping rate”, but there are others. Please consider putting the focus on the input field.

3. It should remember the last currency used for a new search. For most products I’m only interested in the european market. Having lots of useless american results pouring in when I forget to set the currency is getting annoying

4. A ‘currency’ column on the results tab. To be able to clean up above mentioned problem. And to roughly asses shipping cost for items that don’t have all countries shipping attached to them.